Do you already have a website that you are happy with but tired of being dinged by your web designer every time you request a minor change?  Let me convert your site into WordPress, and show you how to make those changes yourself*. Below are two websites that I copied from their original formats into WordPress. I would show you "before" and "after" images, but they are exactly the same. Only now, the site's owners are in control. Of course, I am always available to make changes, but you will find that WordPress is very user friendly and easy to tweak. Don't worry about breaking your site because we will schedule regular backups and I can set you up with only editorial capabilities if you prefer not to have full access to your site (click on images to visit sites).

WordPress Rebuild | Site rebuilt in WordPress WordPress Rebuild | Site converted into WordPress *Rebuilds are only possible if there is not extensive custom programming done on the original site.

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