BB-instagramI've been interested in web design since the dawn of the internet and directly involved for about five years. My experience with WordPress includes the development and management of online stores, assisting in the instruction of WordPress classes, and working as an independent contractor for Big West Marketing.

I have a degree in Communications and Media studies from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and extensive experience developing Information Systems. I'm the creator and co-founder of CUSTOMS Info©, the leading tool for U.S. Customs compliance in the domestic import/trade industry, now owned by CiGDM. Besides handling the programming and technical end of our business, I took all the customer support calls. I spent a great deal of time on the phone every day for twelve years assisting our clients with installation issues and teaching them how to search our database.  Helping our customers master technology and find what they needed was my favorite part of the job!

Prior to starting CUSTOMS Info©, I worked as a staff instructor for LexisNexis® teaching attorneys, judges, law clerks, paralegals and law students how to conduct legal research electronically. I taught in classroom settings, one-on-one in law firm libraries and in judges chambers all over the west and midwest.

I believe I have the perfect set of skills to not only build you a great website, but to teach you how to update and maintain it. I don't use "geek speak" with anyone except other web designers and programmer types. I pride myself on putting clients at ease with  me and their websites.

If you're wondering about my company name, I grew up on a lake in Wisconsin and "Wind Byrnes" was the name of my first sailboat. Sailing was a big part of my life until I graduated from college. I'm now sailing vicariously through my website.  I hope you like it.  I currently live in beautiful Missoula, MT and enjoy everything that Montana has to offer.

"At sea, I learned how little a person needs, not how much."   ~ Robin Lee Graham